Branding and marketing your business does not have to be difficult

If you are serious about your business and growing your brand, I invite you to work with me directly with one-on-one coaching. If you want to be successful in your business and learn exactly what you need to do to grow your business and build a brand people can’t resist, I can help. Let me help you work smarter and outline a strategic plan that will help you create a business and life you love.

Are you ready to sign up? My one-on-one coaching program requires an application. I only coach a small handful of serious and committed clients at a time. I am highly selective who I work with because I need to know you are ready to pushed to new levels. My coaching is intensive but is designed for results. Once your application is reviewed, either myself or one of my associates will contact you for a phone interview, if approved, payment will be required in order to secure your spot.

You’re a busy entrepreneur. You have tons of ideas but are unsure which one to go with and where to start. You need to make a plan of action because you are tired of working hard and not seeing any results. You need to implement a strategy that works. A step-by-step plan that will take your business to the next level.

That’s where I come in.

What We Can Do Together

We’ll begin by getting specific with your business and branding goals. We will focus on short term and long-term goals and put together a strategic plan of action that will help you meet your goals in a timely manner.

Next we’ll work on the foundation of your business. I will help you get really clear about why you are not seeing results. You will get organized, systematized and optimized to get more clients and make more money. Laying a solid foundation will prepare your business for growth.

I’ll then guide you in making turning your vision into reality. Whether you are looking to launch your own podcast, create programs and products, get major media exposure or anything else, you will learn the steps you need to take to get there.

In the end, your business and brand will get a facelift. You will no longer have to worry about the uncertainty of how your business will make money. Instead, you will have clarity, focus and systems in place to help you take your business to the next level.

* It Factor Business & Brand Makeover – 6 Month Intensive *

This is perfect for you if….

  • you know what your business goals are but are unsure what steps to take

  • given a step-by-step plan, you love to follow-through with specific homework assignments and get stuff done

  • you’re committed to your own success and all you need is a plan of action

It Factor Business & Brand Makeover includes:

It Factor Personal and  Business Evaluation

You will come face to face with what is holding you and your business back. You will also set your short term, long term and ultimate goals of where you want your business go. This will lay the foundation for the It Factor Leap session, so we can jump right in.

It Factor Market Evaluation

We will get crystal clear about who your target audience is and how to properly position your brand to attract them. We will then create a marketing strategy that includes creating your brand statement and unique market offer.

It Factor Digital Marketing Plan

It’s time to focus on your online reputation and creating a social media marketing strategy. We will dive into where your target customers hang out online and how to attract them using both free and paid strategies. We will also focus on creating a freebie offer and content strategy to build your email list and get more fans.

It Factor Relationship Media Exposure

We will focus on your media goals and how to gain major exposure for your brand. I will create a strategic media strategy to get you and your brand in front of your target audience. This plan will be adjusted as needed during our time working together.

Access to Exclusive Tools, Templates, How-To Guides and Videos

You will be given access to exclusive trainings, programs, tools and templates created especially for my clients. Whether you need help launching your first podcast, creating your first online course, growing your email list, booking new clients or anything else, I will help you skip the learning curve and trampoline your business.

It Factor Business & Brand Makeover – 6 Month Intensive 

Payment Plans available at no additional charge


Step One: You must pay for your preferred coaching package in full by choosing one of our three packages.

Platinum Coaching – 6 Month Intensive $9,000 ($1500 monthly for six months)

Half Day Intensive 

  • 4 Hour Consulting Day (In Miami) with Courtney

  • Client may send information for review in advance

  • Hotel expenses are not included

Power Hour 

  • One Consulting & Strategy Session via telephone

  • Session is 55 minutes

  • No post-session email support

Step Two: You must complete the pre-coaching questionnaire application process by answering all of the questions by clicking the link below

COACHING WITH COURTNEY (click this link to apply)

If your application is accepted, our team will send you a pre-coaching survey to make sure we understand how to best help you reach your goals.  This way you maximize your time with Courtney.

Step Three: A representative from Team CMN will contact you to schedule your session(s).

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